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Miso Soup Recipe

A Traditional Japanese soup that contain stock called “dashi” is known as Miso Soup. More ingredients can be added depending on personal preference, regional and seasonal recipes. Miso soup is originated from Japan.

Miso soup is available in single serving packets that called Instant miso soup which is available in dehydrated powder and paste forms. Dried toppings such as wakame and tofu with soy beans that reconstitute rapidly when hot water added. This type of soup is very popular in Japanese workplace. Where miso soup can be made in lunch as easily as green tea and using the same water. Instant miso soup is available in grocery stores outside Japan with shelf life of 3 to 12 months.

You can easily find miso soup packets from coles, tesco and clearspring. Clearspring is one of the famous instant miso soup brand available in the markets. Miso soup is originated in Japan however it can easily found now in all around the world. You can find instant miso soup in different brand labels in UK, Canada, U.S. and other European countries also.

Advise to make best miso soup is to add boil chopped vegetables and place them into a bowl before adding miso paste/powder and hot water. Check out more soups and beverages recipes to make your weekend enjoyable.

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